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Thinking of Selling Your Home or Property?

Here are a few questions you need answered:

What is my home (or property) really worth?

We will provide you with a free market analysis that shows what comparable homes actually sold for and what your home should sell for.

Are there any repairs or upgrades that we need to make before we put our home on the market?

We will evaluate the overall general condition of your home and make suggestions that will make it more marketable.   We will prioritize the suggestions and let you know which improvements will return the most money to you.   It goes without saying that the final decision on whether or not to make improvements is yours.

How long will it take to sell our home?

That depends on a variety of factors including the time of year, market conditions, pricing of your home, possession that you are offering.   We can analyze your situation and give you our opinion on marketing.

Isn't selling a home a complicated process with lots of paperwork, red tape and governmental regulations?

Yes.   But this is what we do.   We will guide you through the process and do most of the work for you and assist you with the rest.   We will make sure that all statutory requirements are met.

Here are some additional questions you need to ask me (or any other Realtor with whom you talk).

How long have you been in the real estate business?

Over 50 years, since 1970.   Before that, I worked in the construction business while attending college.   So I have a great working knowledge of the housing industry.

How much property do you sell?

I am a full time Realtor who is among the most productive and respected agents in the area.  My total production is in the hundreds of millions of dollars and I have assisted thousands of buyers and sellers in my career.

Exactly how will you sell my property?

We have a proven marketing program that assures the success of selling your property.   It is a system that we have developed over the years and have honed to perfection.   Let us meet with you and show you how we can make selling your home a no-hassle, enjoyable, and profitable experience!   WE WANT TO BE YOUR REALTOR!


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We want to be your Realtor!

"We want to be YOUR Realtor!"